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Objective: quickly reach high ranking for highly valued search phrases on the primary search engines (google in particular plus yahoo & bing)

The owner of my local garage door repair clients emailed me and wrote:
"We got a call from the people today saying we have been doing great and we should keep them...NAH....I think it's you making it WAY BETTER! :)"

I replied:
They have a dedicated number tracking your calls that come through that number. You probably have received calls on that number. However, the calls came because you had a first page listing on google (for "garage door repair surprise") with your google plus profile (see below), which POINTS to that website. In other words, the google plus listing is what is getting the results, and you just happen to have that profile pointing to that website with that "tracking" phone number. [continued below...]

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Now, I do not have access to that google plus profile page (to change which website it points to) and I have not made it a priority to bring up to you, though I may have mentioned it. Whenever we are nearing expiration (in October approaching the November expiration), then we can focus more on it.

Note that on 12/5 I did send you several emails directing you to be attentive to that google plus profile ( ) and referencing you changing the backlink (the website linked in the profile). As I recall, you personally have access to that google plus profile and you never gave me the access info, or maybe you did at a later time. Anyway, for now, it would be best if you (or someone) could get that google plus profile to point to this page within your site:

We can even create a "dedicated" landing page from that google plus profile. In other words, the value of that profile would be BEST directed through your main website. Do you understand? Do you have any questions? Can you get in to that google plus profile linked above and click "edit" to change the website linked in the profile?

If you want results like these for your business, then call us at (480) 265-5522.

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Garage Door Repair you can trust in central AZ

Serving: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Tolleson, Avondale, Tempe, Ahwatukee, and more.