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long-term priority: more calls (from more website visitors, resulting from better search engine rankings) measurable targets: on 8-4-2012, Don said he wanted 20-30 more calls per week. We got CLOSE that goal back in the fall (briefly). We may be approaching it again. (See the chart below which is google's data of our search engine performance.) How we are approaching that goal is that we are currently ranked on the first page of google for 3 primary searches. (I am only counting as "primary" any search phrases that have enough consistent search volume that googles publishes a specific count of monthly searches). Here are those 3: Glendale AZ Plumbing We are at G both for "plumbing glendale" (2,900 searches per month nationwide) and for "plumbing glendale az" (which gets 720 searches per month). We are at E for "plumbing repair glendale" (140 searches per month) and I also expect to be on the first page within a week or two for "drain cleaning glendale" (91 searches per month in the US). My AZ Plumber
-Keep reading below the image- Repairs, Sewer, Toilet, Faucet, Water Heaters We are also on the first page of google for a few "lower volume" searches ( though I can tell from other data shown below that your site is actually being found through searches for terms like these). Those searches include emergency plumber glendale (C on map), emergency plumber peoria (F), emergency plumber sun city (G). (See attached images and below image.) All of those positions are for the google+ page, which I just now updated while preparing this report. 602-Plumber
-Keep reading below the image- Just below is a table of relevant search phrases and google's count of the number of searches for each term per month. (Below that is a report on more current search positions and other traffic data.) Keyword

      Glendale Plumbers AZ

clogged pipes, Repairs, Sewer, Toilet, Faucet, hot Water Heaters

Monthly Searches Approximate CPC (Search) Note again that I forecast being on first page of google within weeks (or even days) for both of the following search phrases: drain cleaning glendale az: now at 24 & 25 drain cleaning glendale: not in top 100 currently Here is the biggest reason though that I expect to soon meet or EXCEED the 20-30 calls per week goal: Note also that currently we are at "H" on google places for "plumber glendale" & "plumber glendale az." The H position is 1 position from being on the first page of a regular google search results. That will mean THOUSANDS of additional appearances monthly in the search results of local people searching (dozens more times per day). Note: Don's has been #15 (middle of page 2) for quite a while for those search terms. Here is a current chart of about the last 90 days of search result activity, showing the surge last fall (on the left) as well as the emerging increase (on the right). Below that is a chart of about the last 30 days only. Just for the last month (since January 10th) Also, here is a much longer-term chart of search result activity (the light blue line below). That chart is from November of 2011, with the big surge in November of 2012, plus the recent increase. (Note that it is often sufficient to merely show up in the search results to produce phone calls. Many people will call without even clicking through to the website.)

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