Hi, welcome to the AZ-AZ-AZ information site.

Here, you can find the information that you value about Arizona, including on the future of business here. My name is J.R. and I have lived in Arizona for 12 years. You can read more about my background below, but, first, here is why I made this site: to help consumers and businesses in Arizona adjust to the changing economy.

You might wonder what could make you have any special interest in my thoughts about the future of business in Arizona. Here are a few details about me that may intrigue you:

In early 2003, I published an explicit forecast of a certain kind of global economic shift, including warning of a coming decline in real estate borrowing and buying, which would lead to a decline in real estate prices, plus a plunge in the stock value of many major companies, including financial institutions. By 2005, the weakening of real estate trends was already clear in Arizona. By 2007, from Arizona to Greece, Italy, and even Japan, even the news media was finally reporting on the changes that myself and other researchers had been warning about for several years.

For instance, in 2004, I focused on the particular issue that I expect to be the most serious economic issue of the near future: rising fuel prices. Again, that was years before the general public began to face the reality of the issue of rising gas prices

By 2008, people were suddenly paying attention to fuel prices. As prices for diesel fuel surged above $10 per gallon in the UK and Germany, truckers across the world went on strike. They stopped making deliveries and even blocked highways to demand that governments intervene and reduce gasoline taxes.

These events were not given a lot of attention within the US, for the US had a lot of new issues closer to home. In Arizona, the rising fuel prices were even more significant than in most of the US.
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Why did the economies of Arizona (and Nevada) have so much trouble in recent years? To answer that, let's first look at Alaska, which was thriving with nearly double-digit growth rates, with growing state government revenues that allowed for the state of Alaska to keep paying it's residents thousands of dollars per year as a gift just to live there.

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